The word Cancun doesn’t mean “sunny paradise.”

It’s actually the Mayan word for “nest of serpents”. Fear not, the only wild creatures you’ll likely run into at the hotel are fellow vacationers.

Fun Facts About Cancun - Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun
Fun Facts About Cancun - Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun

The sun won’t burn your feet!

Cancun’s beautiful beaches are actually made of crushed coral, so they stay naturally cool, even in the sizzling Cancun sun.

Cancun is shaped like the number 7.

This unique shape gives vacationers great views of the lagoon and the beach from the hotels.

You can visit an entire museum under water!

The Cancun Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) consists of over 500 life-size sculptures, making it one of the largest underwater art attractions in the world. Explore it on a glass bottom boat excursion, or dive in and snorkel or scuba right through it!

The area is home to the world’s largest underwater cave.

The Yucatan Peninsula is known for its cenotes, and many of them are located nearby. The largest of these is Ox Bel Ha, which measures 134 miles (216 km), making it the longest underwater cave in the world! Dive, snorkel or swim through these fascinating spots.

Some of the local fish are as big as a bus!

While gathering time for whale sharks happens between May and September, it’s kind of cool knowing that you could be sharing the waters with these massive, harmless fish if you returned to Cancun during that time period.

Fun Facs About Cancun - Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun
Fun Facts About Cancun - Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun

It took 40 men to raise the huge flag of Mexico that flies above the hotel zone

Made from durable parachute material, the flag actually weighs 500 lbs. (228 kg). Now that’s national pride!

Playa Delfines is the most photographed beach spot in Cancun.

It’s not just where you can find the colorful Cancun sign, but it’s also a great picnic spot. The hotel concierge can help make arrangements for you to get there.

The Great Maya Barrier Reef is only second to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Pack your snorkel and fins or arrange for a scuba dive from a local operator to discover this underwater nirvana.

Some Mayan ruins are located right in the hotel zone.

Don’t feel like boarding a bus to visit an archaeological wonder? Some fascinating sites are just a short walk from the hotel!