Join us for a week in Cancun for a unique learning and vacation experience!

This February, psychotherapy’s thought leaders and expert clinicians will meet in Cancun at Innovations in Psychotherapy 2023 to share knowledge about the latest practices, theories, therapies, and advances in the mental health field.

This event takes place over three separate weeks, and there are six morning-only, 5-day workshops to choose from led by today’s leading clinicians. And whether you come solo or bring the family, you and your guests are invited to join in our optional Paradise Perks activities.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn in the morning, then enjoy afternoons at leisure at a 4.5-star, luxury, all-inclusive resort. Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun 2023 promises to be one of the most important psychotherapy training events of the year!

Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun

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WEEK 1 — February 6-10

IFS Parts +
Anxiety &

Choose from one of 2 great workshops presented by Frank Anderson and Lisa Ferentz.

Frank Anderson - Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun 2023

Frank Anderson

Lisa Ferentz

Lisa Ferentz - Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun 2023

Complex PTSD, in its most basic form, is a relational violation that disrupts our sense of trust and safety in the world and limits access to our Self-energy. Healing relational trauma puts us back in touch with our natural core and permits us to love and connect again with others.

Frank Anderson

Many clients expend tremendous amounts of energy disavowing traumatic or abusive histories, believing that revisiting old feelings and thoughts will keep them stuck or are irrelevant to who they are today.

Lisa Ferentz

John Briere - Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun 2023

John Briere

Tammy Nelson

Tammy Nelson - Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun 2023

WEEK 2 — February 20-24

Trauma +
Sex &

Choose from one of 2 great workshops presented by John Briere and Tammy Nelson.

By working with individuals who are greatly challenged, we may come to see more clearly the components and etiologies of suffering, as well as the subtle opportunities that can arise from chaos and crisis.

John Briere

Monogamy is no longer a simple concept. More couples every year are experimenting with open relationships and newer, more flexible versions of commitment . . . yet few of us have been prepared with the skills we need to make those agreements work.

Tammy Nelson

WEEK 3 — February 27 – March 3

Therapy +

Choose from one of 2 great workshops presented by Arielle Schwartz and Eliana Gil.

Arielle Schwartz - Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun 2023

Arielle Schwartz

Eliana Gil

Eliana Gil - Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun 2023
Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun

I believe that we all have the capacity to overcome adversity. However, this requires that we have compassionate support and intelligent guidance. Our injuries do not occur in a vacuum, so our healing cannot occur in one either. Our hurts and losses need to be repaired interpersonally. We cannot heal alone.

Arielle Schwartz

We tend to over-rely on verbal communication when working with clients. I believe that there are other powerful modes of communication and connection that have inherent benefits. I am excited to share how expressive therapies can invite, engage, and assist families to be more present and feel safely seen and heard.

Eliana Gil

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Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun

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Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun

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Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun

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Earn 16.25 continuing education credits per workshop

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