February 2023

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Maintaining Resilience, Mindfulness & Compassion in Work with Trauma Survivors (John Briere)


Discover a mindfulness approach to maintaining resilience and compassion when working with trauma survivors.

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Through his understanding of the effects of early childhood adverse experiences and his “self-trauma model”, John Briere’s innovative approaches to helping trauma survivors have influenced generations of psychotherapists.

In this new program, John will introduce a hands-on, mindfulness, dharma informed approach to maintaining attunement, compassion, and equanimity in challenging psychotherapeutic situations.

Both philosophical and practical, this workshop will involve didactic presentations, brief mindfulness/meditation sessions, as well as case consultations and discussions.

What You Will Learn In This Workshop

  • How to maintain equanimity and grow as a therapist in work with challenging clients and situations
  • How to cultivate mindful attunement in the face of immense client suffering: Inviting pain to tea
  • Develop dispassionate compassion in work with “difficult clients”
  • Establish metacognitive awareness of one’s own trauma history in work with trauma clients
  • Practice a ReGAINing exercise for triggered countertransference

US CE credits pending. Click here for details about CE credits..

A few words from John about this workshop (Video coming soon!)
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