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An IFS Approach to Transcending Trauma – Frank Anderson

An IFS Approach to Transcending Trauma – Frank Anderson

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Have you experienced the roller coaster of working with clients who suffer from PTSD? This workshop will show you how to leverage Internal Family Systems to help clients work through trauma.

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Working with clients who suffer from complex PTSD can often feel like being on a roller coaster.
The extreme reactions, multiple comorbidities, difficulty with boundary issues, and volatility in relationships make these clients challenging even for the most skilled IFS therapy practitioners.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy has a unique way of addressing and overcoming the complexities of relational trauma.

It deals with the cognitive by addressing and unloading distorted thoughts and beliefs. And it incorporates the body as it supports the movement and discharge of physical sensations.

IFS therapy also facilitates the release of painful feelings, such as unworthiness, loneliness, and unlovability, by healing the wounds that we carry.

What you will learn in this workshop

  • Explore the different types of trauma, and examine the ways IFS therapy is different from traditional phase-oriented treatment.
  • Demonstrate how to incorporate IFS therapy with other models of treatment.
  • Examine empathy and compassion as they relate to self energy.
  • Discuss how to expand the “6 Fs” to more easily gain permission to access wounded parts.
  • Review the neurobiology of PTSD and dissociation.
  • Investigate how neuroscience can inform therapeutic decisions with extreme symptoms.
  • Discuss the unique way IFS therapy approaches early attachment wounding.
  • Delve into how neglect, vulnerability, shame, substance use, and other adaptations connect to relational trauma.
  • Address medications treatment and common comorbidities.
  • Review the range of traumatic wounds, and discover the various forms of healing associated with complex PTSD and dissociation.

Frank’s special guests

Wayne Baker - Week 2 Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun 2022

During the course of this workshop, Frank will be assisted by Wayne Baker and Dr. Elizabeth Call.

Wayne Baker is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a master’s degree in Counseling and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Edward’s University.

Elizabeth Call - Week 2 Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun 2022

Elizabeth Call, PsyD, interned at McLean Hospital and is a former clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

US attendees: Approval for CE Credits for this workshop is pending. For information about CE Credits, click here.

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